Emily + Jake

Mid Summer Night Dream

July 7th 2018 by Valerie Thibaudeau

This was undeniably one of the prettiest weddings I had the chance to Coordinate this summer. Having met Emily at the Ottawa Wedding Show, I really had no clue what was in store for this early-2018-season wedding! It wasn't long before I learned that Emily has a degree in Arts. I was stoked! Emily so carefully created - by hand - much of her decor. From photobooth backdrop, to watercolor greenery, various sign and SO much more, this wedding couldn't have been more personalized. All the stunning decor complimented this beautiful venue without taking away from its' bright and modern feel, creating an overall romantic and simplistic ambiance. 

I was very grateful to the Best Western staff early on for their great communication and accommodation. I was able to go in early on the Friday to begin setting up - only the basics, the rentals were being delivered the following day. This was my first time working with this venue, and I immediately felt as though I had been there a million times! So I began setting up the tables in the back room - since both the Ceremony and Reception were being held in the same room. This was going to require a flip. 

The big day was finally here and I was ready to hit the road for my hour long drive to Perth - pumping myself up to some Nicki Minaj, of course. It was a beautiful day! I was ecstatic to see the chairs had arrived before I had - which meant it was time to set up! I knew that once the chairs were all set up, it would be much easier to tie in the rest of the decor. 

I always ask the couple prior to the wedding if they are comfortable with me using my judgement and possibly moving things around - once I see the big picture. It's hard to predict every single detail when planning, and there are often little things that can be tweaked during the set-up. Emily's centre pieces were very elegant and simple. Some lanterns and lots and lots of candles, tied together with some eucalyptus. I figured since the table decor wasn't being used until the Reception, that I could tie in some of the greenery to the Ceremony space, to help compliment her "enchanted forrest" vision. I decided to add some eucalyptus to the window sill, along with some extra candles. 

The Ceremony was short and sweet and everyone was beyond excited for the newly married couple. We proceeded with a cocktail hour on the beautiful wrap-around-patio. Meanwhile, we hustled to get the room flipped and the Reception space ready for dinner. The pre-set tables were brought out carefully, and the chairs were moved around. It was a small wedding, therefore the flip was very quick.


I rushed out to bring water and snacks to the wedding party and newlyweds - who were at work taking photos. Words cannot begin to describe how stunning this park is. The beautiful pond and weeping willow trees make this the perfect spot for photos. I wish every town had this exact set-up! 

The doors were open for dinner! The food was delicious and the drinks were flowing. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and many comments were made about how wonderful the space looked, thanks to Emily's creative touch! The DJ announced an open dance floor and everyone danced the night away. 

I was so grateful to be part of this special day. Sometimes, a small wedding is all you need to celebrate your love with those who matter most. 


Venue | Best Western Perth Parkside

Photographer | Byfield Pitman Photography
Florist | Acanthus Floral

Caterer | Biagio's Catering

Officiant | Enduring Promise

Cake  | Thimble Cakes

Linen Rentals | Prior Engagements

Chair Rentals | Pearl Decor

Decor/Furniture Rentals | Joy To Share Rentals
DJ | Quality Entertainment

Day-Of Coordinator | The Ottawa Wedding Planner