Emily + Philippe

Stonefields estate

Rustic Chic Affair

June 16th 2018 by Valerie Thibaudeau

I met these lovebirds in high school, however, they did not know at that point that they would one day be celebrating a life together. Philippe and I were good friends and I was fortunate enough to be around when they first laid eyes on each other. Many years later, I would be Coordinating the most important days of their lives and I couldn't be more excited! 

Knowing Emily, this day was going to be perfect and exactly the way she envisioned it. I teased her when she provided me the decor document describing everything to a tee. She even got Philippe to create 3D images of their gift table. All kidding aside, this is a coordinator's dream. She had made everything so easy. That being said, I knew I was going to have to step up my game and live up to the expectations she had for this special day. I was ready for a challenge!

We met at Stonefields Estate Friday June 15th for the rehearsal. I was a little nervous to see all these people whom I haven't seen nor spoken to since highschool. Years had passed since I saw my old friends and everyone has changed tremendously. Anyhow! We walked through the steps for the ceremony, following Emily and the plans she had made! Certain couples like for me to run the rehearsal, and others like to lead their crew as I simply give my input. Emily definitely had everything under control!! 

I woke up Saturday morning to a beauuuuutiful, warm summer day. Although the forecast predicted hot 30 degree weather, we were happy to see no rain! They had planned for an outdoor ceremony and in this case, rain is not a good thing. Today was a big day not only for the couple, but I had a busy day ahead of me. Not only was I setting-up, coordinating, basically doing it all BUT Brittany was also shadowing me, seeing as I had hired her shortly before. I then had my assistant Alex training later in the evening. I quickly learned I am not the multi-tasking queen I thought I was. 

We arrived around 10am to begin the set-up. The couple had purchased and planted a ton of succulents to give out as favours. I thought it was such a brilliant idea and the display was beautiful. Having Brittany as an extra hand was great! Their chic rustic theme was carefully put together with silver and pops of hot pink. 

We managed to get everything set-up with time to spare. The girls were getting ready, sipping mimosas and exchanging stories. The guys had their own lounge with a poker table and large bar area. I had the change to pop in and give them a small pep talk and I could see the excitement and nerves on Philippe's face. His twin brother, Sylvain was right by his side to help take his mind off it all. It was nice, for once, to be able to spend a few moments with both parties and help reassure them.
The couple had decided on first look. They snuck out back to this nice treed area, alone with the photographer. After a few minutes, the wedding party joined them for photos.

The morning flew by and it was finally time to get ready for the ceremony. Guests began to arrive and the ceremony seats were filling up quickly. 

Sylvain got a call from a few of Emily's cousins, saying their Uber had gotten a flat tire. Another Uber was set to pick them up, but they were going to be late. Crap! I rushed to the girl's lodge and we had to make a decision on whether or not we would wait for them. Emily explained they were close to her heart and we decided to wait. While the guests were seated, in the hot sun, Philippe and I stood on the patio overlooking the ceremony space and reflected. "You're getting friggen married!" I said. Who knew my grade 8 friend and I would one day be standing here, waiting for him to marry the love of his life. It was a surreal moment.

Finally, we went ahead with the ceremony. As the pairs lined up, the bridesmaids and groomsmen were getting ready to walk. Emily pulled up oh-so-gracefully in an old car and all eyes were on her. The couple exchanged heart-warming vows and Emily couldn't fight the tears. As they said I do, I was back in the reception space ensuring it was ready to go. 

And then they were married!!! The party started with a bang (well, with an open bar. Same thing). Lawn games were played, drinks were drank and everybody was mingling. The couple ran off with their close family for photos. In the meantime, I scrambled to gather the two assigned men who were to move the arch and barrels into the reception area. 2 girls and 4 guys later, we managed to get an 8 foot tall arch in a 7 foot door. I was glad everyone had a good sense of humour. I overheard the wedding party talking about shots for their grand entrance, so I took the liberty of setting some out for them. I was told they were much needed by that point! 

Dinner was served while a few key people gave their speeches. Again, Emily couldn't hold back the tears. Maybe they never really stopped, who knows. At this point my job got really easy. I sat down for dinner and kept a close eye on my itinerary, reminding the MCs prior to each event (bouquet toss, shoe game, first dances). By then all we really had to do was wait for tear down! Luckily, we managed to get a lot of it done and the venue generously offered to cover the few remaining items. The party was going strong and everyone seemed to be having a ball. 

And of course, at the end of the night I asked the couple: " Was this the best day of your lives?" and they answered "yes".

Cheers to Emily and Philippe, to old friends, and a new chapter. 

xoxo, Valerie

We couldn’t be happier to have hired Val to be our day-of coordinator! She was extremely helpful during our rehearsal and kept me calm during the days leading up to the wedding. On the day of, she worked effortlessly with the staff at our venue and was attentive to every detail of our vision during set-up. She kept my stress level at zero by being extremely organized and on top of things. I was really able to enjoy myself because I had full confidence in her ability to ensure things ran smoothly. We are so grateful to have had her around on our wedding day!!

-Emily + Philippe



Venue: Stonefields Estate

Photographer: Amy Pinder Photography

Videographer: Crea Film
Florist: Floral Reef Designs
Hair + Makeup: Em Elser
Jeweler: Sarah Walsh Bridal
Wedding Dress: Melissa Gentile Couture
Bridesmaids Dresses: All That Glitter
Suit Rental: Surmesur
Cake: Thimble Cakes
Rentals: Masterminds Event Rentals
DJ: Quality Entertainment