Q. Why should I hire a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is extremely time consuming and can be overwhelming for most. Hiring a Wedding Planner to help with the components that are causing you more stress, can go a LONG way! 

Q. I'm a fairly organized bride, why should I hire a planner?

You have likely never planned a wedding. Whether you are organized or not, there are definitely tips and trick that a planner can include while planning your wedding that may have been forgotten otherwise.

Having a planner to go over your planning details is also a good way to take the stress off your shoulder closer to the wedding day.

Q. If I hire you to Coordinate my wedding, will you also set-up my decor?

We most definitely will! The set-up is a big part of our Day-Of Coordination. Being a perfectionist, you can ensure your decor will be set up to your exact specifications! 

Q. When should I hire a Day-Of Coordinator?

It is never too soon. As you probably know by now, vendors do tend to book up quickly.

Q. Will YOU be working my wedding?

I sure will! As I am the point of contact with all couples, I value being present on the wedding day so couples know exactly what to expect! 

Q. Do I need to book a planner/coordinator if the venue provides a coordinator?

Yes. There is quite a difference between Venue Coordinators and Wedding Coordinators.

"Venue Coordinators" will oversee all venue related details and staffing. Your Wedding Planner is 100% committed to you and to bring your vision to life.

Q. What happens if you've never worked at my venue?

We love to work new venues! We are sure to have a site visite prior to the wedding and speak with the venue manager for any additional details.